Storytelling has been my purpose for as long as I can remember. Taking a message, a purpose, a goal, and weaving it into something beautiful that connects people is my dream. 

The media in which I tells stories has evolved as I have. I am currently making the transition from digital storytelling through written. Books are and have always been my most favorite thing. Writing, editing, grammar, diagramming: my love language. My goal is to persue a full-time career in the publishing world while also writing novels of my own. 

My favorite interests are fantasy, romanve, paranormal, magic, and mystery. At heart, I am still a little girl, lost in a word of fairytales, magic, and lore. 

My goal now is to break into the publishing world—which is no easy feat. I love grammar, syntax, word structure, and all the nitty gritty it takes to create a good story. My goal is to become an editor, but my experience in photography, design, and content creation also makes me a viable candidate for book design and other big-picture tasks. Having created and headed my own successful business, I have the initiative it takes to tackle difficult projects. I am tenacious, self-starting, and I am ardently focused on working in the publishing world. I go after what I want. I research, learn, stay up far too late reading and writing, advance my education, connect, and do anything else I can to make those dreams come true. Thank you for joining me on this journey. 

Hi, I'm Charla. 

I'm a mother, a wife, a business owner, a reader, a writer, and the list goes on. I completed my B.A. in Writing and Publications in 2016 with The Universtiy of North Georgia. I began my M.A. in Publications in 2018 with The George Washington University, and took time off to have my second son. I am currently enrolled again with the plan to complete the degree in 2024. 

My love for literatue began early in my highschool years. I fell for the Irishmen (a continued charater flaw of mine): James Joyce, Frank McCourt, Oscar Wilde. I fell in love with language and the idea that words can be tools, weapons, to inflict and to strike, but also to soothe and to comfort. They can be bent and weilded to make us feel, bleed, heal. I fell in love with how reading made me feel, and that feeling is what I want to give others. 

My tastes have progressed, but I still fall for the Irish: Sally Rooney, Colm Tóibín. Fantasy has become my favorite genre to read and write. There's something unexplainable about losing yourseld in a world where magic and love and fate exist. 

I owned my own photography/branding business for nearly ten years. I started it in college as a way to make extra money. Then our first son came, and it was a way for me to have a creative outlet, income, and an active role at home. The business took off in ways I never expected, and I rode that wave until I was ready to focus on myself again. 

I loved the storytelling aspect of photography, and it's a skill I am honored to posess, but words are it for me. Book are my passion, my goal, and I am so eager to embark on this journey into the publishing field. 


Whether you need content for your business, editing for your manuscript, or a beta reader, I am here to help!

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Works in Progress:

Goddess of Nightmares-
     Fantasy Romance Novel
Pieces of the Moon-
     Contemporary Cottage
     Romance Novel


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